You're in good hands

We believe that regular massages can help you feel better mentally and physically. 

They can help you recover faster after an injury and help with pain that might prevent you from exercising.

person massaging the back of a woman
person massaging the back of a woman
five men riding row boat
five men riding row boat
Why we decided to work in a cooperative

While we are 3 independent therapists, we have decided to join forces and work together. Here are the main advantages:

  • you can choose the therapist with the style/skills that suits you

  • you can get a massage at our facility pretty much any time of the week

  • we share the same confidential note software so you only have to fill paperwork once and we know what treatment was provided to you

  • we share knowledge and train together

  • we support each other and cut expenses by buying things together

  • we have each other's back and can offer a replacement if one of us is sick/unavailable

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